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Hi I'm Stephanie Anderson

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

I am a NASM certified personal trainer and NASM certified nutrition coach. I am continuing to build my knowledge and experience. I had to learn the terminology and science behind fitness but I've practically prepared my whole life for this. I have always been health conscious. I have always loved exercise. Now, I have this amazing opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with other women in helping them become the best version of themselves.


My Story... Lessons learned from a life in fitness...

I am a mom of 3 daughters which turned my life upside down. But living upside down is so much more fun. My life revolved around being a stay-at-home mom. It was a challenge to get back into shape after each kid but I somehow managed to work hard and succeed. I can't reveal all my secrets here, if you want to know them, I guess you gotta hire me. Although, I will reveal my top 3 secrets:

1) A life of fitness must include a support system

2) A life of fitness is a combination of exercise and DIET

3) A life of fitness includes a hunk of a husband like mine. . . I mean a life of fitness is that, a life, not a season, or a sprint  

My Training... In a nutshell...

I'm a well-rounded and dynamic fitness trainer. My individual goals for each client is to target the body in a multifaceted way and steadily progress forward.

I do not train only cardio or only weight-lifting or only aerobics or only whatever.

I train in flexibility, core strengthening, improving cardiorespiratory health, muscle endurance, and muscle strength.

It is so important to me to start a beginner with a personalized workout plan tailored specifically for them. How do I do that? I video them doing a simple assessment - overhead squat. I study that video watching their body mechanics, understanding which muscles are overactive (tight that needs stretching) and underactive (weak that needs strengthening). Understanding this allows me to design workouts according to this which significantly reduces injury and increases their potential for success.

A great example of a workout is:

>Stretch (overactive muscles, hold pose for 30 seconds)

>Activate core (using isometric exercises & balancing exercises)

>Warm-up cardio (time and type depending on goals)

>Weight-lifting (using light/moderate weighted dumbbells to perfect form, 3 sets of 12)

>(optional) 2-5 mins of walk/run intervals

>Stretch (worked muscles and focus on breathing techniques) 

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