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Being EMPOWERED to tackle INFINITE possibilities that 'PERFECTLY YOU' can ACHIEVE.

There are soooooo many different theories and studies on exercise and nutrition. It can be confusing. Some vow by one thing while others debunk it. I hope to help others eliminate any confusion on the do's and don'ts of fitness.

As a fitness coach, I strive to meet each client and their needs accordingly with the understanding that everybody is different genetically and historically with different lifestyles and goals.

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Jump in and be a part of a support system that helps you reach your health goals. Research states you will increase your chance of success by up to 95% by having a support system. 


"I've been taking personal training from Stephanie for 10 weeks now for strength and balance. I used to have to sit or lean on something when getting dress. Now I can balance myself better, I stand on one leg at a time to get dressed now. I'm so glad that I'm seeing results. Thanks to Stephanie's training." 

Phyllis Petrose, Age 59

"It has not only been a privilege but great honor to have Stephanie as my most trusted friend and personal trainer. We have been training together for over 3 years now. Had it not been for her, I would have never explored new exercises and pushing myself to highest level of performance possible. I owe my new profound knowledge of exercise, muscle training and diet to her. She is genuinely inspiring, motivating and a great person to have cheering you on in your corner!"

Kiran Hussain, Age 34

"I was looking for someone to motivate me to move more, feel better. I found someone who partnered with me to become my best. Someone who encourages, motivates, and collaborates with me. Thanks for all you do Stephanie!"

Rebecca Meaux, Age 38

111 E. Vermilion St., Abbeville, LA

Contact us (337) 784-1191

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